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Courgette - El Greco

Courgette - El Greco

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El Greco 

A very productive, deliciously flavoured variety, producing good yields of glossy, mid green courgettes throughout Summer. Leave skin on when cooking. Ideal in soups, stir fries, steamed or boiled The flower may also be eaten.

Planting out:

May be grown in pots grow bags or directly planted into the ground.

The planting area should be prepared beforehand working in any necessary compost or fertiliser.Water well before planting and keep moist when growing especially during warm weather.

How to grow:

Plant in a sunny sheltered position allowing 60cm in all directions, in well-drained soil, rich in humus. Keep the soil moist around the plants, feed at each watering once fruit have started to swell. Never water over the plants. Requires protection from frost.


Summer to early Autumn. Cut regularly when small to prolong cropping.

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